The safety and well being of our guests and our team is of the highest priority. We will follow strict guidelines from the Vermont Department of Health, the CDC, and guidelines provided by the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s “Stay Safe” program  which was developed in conjunction with hotel  industry leaders.

In General

  • All team members are screened at the beginning of each shift with a temperature check (and completion of Vermont Department of
    Health questionnaire)
  • All guests will be required at the time of check in (or via email prior to arrival) to complete a screening questionnaire/Certificate of Compliance from the VT Department of Health for each person in the party.
  • Washing hands and use of hand sanitizer with sanitation stations throughout the inn with strict schedule of hourly hand sanitation by all team members
  • Front of House Signage indicating physical distancing practices, hand cleaning and use of PPE
  • Back of House Signage for employees related to hand sanitation and proper use of PPE
  • Swift response and immediate reporting of any presumed cases of COVID-19 to the Vermont Department of Health

Cleaning Products and Protocols:

  • Use of EPA Approved disinfectants that meet CDC requirements
  • Public Spaces and Communal Areas are cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day with an emphasis on frequent contact with hard, on-porous surfaces
  • Guest Elevators will be cleaned multiple times per day with particular emphasis ont cleaning of buttons
  • In the event of a presumptive case of COVID-19 the affected guest room shall be removed from service and quarantined and not returned to service until after professionally cleaned by a specialized cleaning service.
  • Our restaurant service will include minimal in-person contact. Distancing will be observed as well as use of facemasks by front of the house personnel and facemasks and gloves by all food production
    personnel. Minimal items will be placed on the table.

Guest Rooms and Housekeeping Service

  • Housekeeping staff will not enter rooms during a stay, unless specifically requested or approved by the guest, or to comply with established safety protocols. Note that some  of the amenities usually offered in our guest rooms will not be available. Accent pillows, re-usable cups and glassware; printed materials have been removed.
  • Guest Rooms cleaning protocols require that particular attention is paid to high-touch items
  • Linens, towels and laundry are washed in accordance with CDC guidelines
  • For the most part, rooms will be left untouched for a least 24 hours after a guest has checked out before cleaning by our staff
  • We have initiated the use of an Electrostatic Sprayer. We will be using this tool to sanitize public areas even more frequently and as an added defense in guest rooms we enter within 24 hours of checkout.

Physical Distancing

  • Following CDC guidelines guests are advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from other groups or people not traveling with them, including any area where guests and staff queue. Such areas shall be clearly marked.
  • Furniture will be  re-arranged to promote distancing
  • Meeting spaces: once group gatherings will be allowed arrangements will allow for proper physical distancing
  • Front Desk agents will practice distancing. Our front desk is outfitted with screens to support distancing while allowing personal interaction with guests. Queueing is discouraged. Upon arrival guests will be pre-assigned rooms and rooms will be pre-keyed, minimizing the length of contact. Health Compliance documents are completed at a separate station as guests enter the hotel.
    Team members will practice physical distancing from guests and from each other.


All employees receive COVID-19 safety and facilities protocols training following recommendations by the CDC, the Vermont Depart of Labor
and the Vermont Department of Health


How To Book

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For all Norwich Inn vacation packages, the following conditions apply: (1) Taxes and gratuities not included, unless stated in above packages (2) not applicable in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions (3) new reservations, only (4) subject to availability.

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