About The Brewery


Our Brew Master Jeremy Hebert is proud to welcome you to the Brewery at the Norwich Inn, one of the top breweries in Vermont and the home of Jasper Murdock Ales, brewed right on-site.

President James Monroe dined at the Norwich Inn in 1817 while on a horseback tour of the New England frontier. Alas, history does not record whether he had a beer. But if he did, it was most likely brewed at the Inn. Vermont had no commercial breweries at the time, and the local beers were brewed in very small batches. Even the biggest copper kettle provided just enough ale for the brewer and his guests.

Brew at the Norwich Inn, one of the proudest breweries in Vermont.

In 1993, this Vermont brewery tradition was revived at the Norwich Inn when Jasper Murdock’s Alehouse began producing traditional English-style ales in 5-gallon glass jugs.

By 1995, a historic livery building was renovated and outfitted with a new four-barrel brew house, which now produces 125-gallon batches.

As one of the proud breweries in Vermont, we remain one of the smallest and coziest breweries in America.


Jasper Murdock IPA on tap at the Norwich Inn brewery, one of the top breweries in Vermont.Jasper Murdock’s repertoire has grown to more than 50 different craft beers, including traditionally English style cask ales.

Our Ales and Lagers are crafted from the finest malts and hops, occasionally including hops grown in our own hop garden here at the Inn. Because filtration can strip flavor and body from a beer, the yeast is allowed to settle out naturally in an extended cold-aging period to ensure that all the goodness reaches your palate. The Vermont craft beer is then pumped underground and across the 100 foot distance from the Brewery cellar to our Pub at the Inn, where we rotate 8 different beers, plus one cask ale. With our expanded tap capacity, we now are able to offer Guest Taps, which will usually feature beers from other popular Vermont breweries.


Buying Norwich Inn Vermont Craft Beer

Keeping with tradition and adding to the treat, our Vermont craft beers are sold only at the Inn. Bottled brew in many of our varieties is available by the 22 ounce bottle, by the case, the 5 gallon keg….and now Growlers.

Call ahead or just drop by the front desk to pick up your beer at the Inn. Recently, our Vermont microbrewery introduced a signature ale cheese in collaboration with Woodstock’s Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company: Jasper Murdock Whistling Pig Ale Cheddar. It too is available for sale at the Inn.

Our Beers Currently on Tap

Bloody Brook Falls Ale

This flaxen offering is light-bodied and slightly sweet with a spiced and gentle fruity character furnish by classic Belgian Trappist yeast

It’s About Time

It took long enough, but finally we can offer Jasper’s first New England IPA. Hazy, fruity, hoppy. Enjoy!

90 Shilling Scottish Ale

A dark amber, full bodied beer with unmistakable malt character, highlighted by notes of caramel. Brewed in the Scottish tradition of “low and slow” (lower fermentation temperature over a longer period of time).

Cherry Stout

If you are looking for something a little bit different, this full bodied American Stout is dark as night, and has a pleasant tang contributed by over a hundred pounds of Montmorency cherry puree.

“Norritch” IPA

An American style Double IPA featuring a pleasant hop aroma, followed by several classic American hop flavors (citrus, fruits, pine, etc.), a hint of sweetness just before the finish.

2 Patrick Stout

First brewed specially for St. Patrick’s Day, and now a tradition here. It is a classic Irish dry stout, with roasted barley providing the dark color, rich body & roasted flavors. Historians believe that there must have been two St. Patricks because events associated with him span 125 years. This beer is the recipe of a third Patrick, our former brewer Patrick Dakin.

Helles An Empty Beer Glass

But fear not. You can steer clear of the path to perdition by allowing us to fill your glass with our German helles (light) lager. This balanced brew features light color and body, with low bitterness and a slightly sweet aroma and flavor. A very drinkable offering that just might save your soul.

Whistling Pig Red Ale

Inspired by an Irish Classic. Garnet red in color and full bodied with a rounded malty flavor and lingering hop aftertaste. First brewed for the Whistling Pig Game Dinner held on Groundhog Day.

How we do the Brew