Jasper Murdock’s Alehouse

Jasper Murdock’s Alehouse is a restaurant just across the river from Hanover NH. It features one restaurant menu, whether or not your preferred dining venue is the Pub, Outdoor Patio, Dining Room or Terrace. The menu is extensive, diverse and moderately priced, offering Pub favorites along with more substantial entrees. A number of items include ingredients from Jasper Murdock Ales made on site. Our Norwich, VT restaurant and brewery offer seating on a “first come, first served” basis in the Pub/Patio while reservations are available in the Dining Room and Terrace areas. The menus change often and we keep them up to date on this site.

Our Hours:









8 am- 2 pm  ____  ____  ____  ____  ____ 8 am- 2 pm


 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 11 am-2 pm  ____

Pub Fare

2:00 pm – 5 pm 4 pm – 5 pm 4 pm – 5 pm 4 pm – 5 pm 4 pm – 5 pm 2:00 pm – 5 pm 2:00 pm – 5 pm


5 – close 5 – close 5 – close 5 – close 5 – close 5 – close 5 – close

Due to a State Mandate our Reastaurant will be closed through April 6th.

Our Menus:



Pub Fare 


Full menu available in Pub and all other dining venues.

The Dining Room

A quieter setting makes our dining room ideal for relaxed conversation. Advance reservations available.

The Patio

With table service to the Patio available in the warmer months, our outdoor dining area is refreshing and lush with foliage. Seating availability is first come, first servcd.

The Terrace

Adjacent to the Main Dining Room the Terrace is bright and casual. A cozy fireplace warms the ambiance in the winter months. The Terrace also is accommodating of private banquets and meetings. Advance reservations available.

The Pub

A friendly place for where locals and Inn guests rendezvous for a hearty meal and a house-brewed Jasper Murdock Ales. Our full dining menu is offered. See the latest beer list on our brewery page. Seating availability is first come, first served.

The Wine Room

Doubling as an exclusive space for private meetings and events, the wine room is elegant and private.

Getting a group together?

The above spaces and more are all available for private reserve. Learn more on our

Meetings & Banquets page.