Things To Do On The Connecticut River In Winter

The Connecticut River viewed from above.If you’ve never found time to visit the Connecticut River, you should do it during the winter. It’s a beautiful and splendid time that paints the Connecticut River in a unique light that’s hard to find elsewhere in the New England region. The Norwich Inn is not far from the river, making this a must-see destination when you travel to New England. Here is a rundown of some things you must do when visiting the Connecticut River’s winter shores. 

Connecticut River Byway

Get in your car and admire the Connecticut River nature from the comfort of your car. The Byway follows near the Connecticut River along the western border of New Hampshire. Part of the Byway passes through Hanover on the way to Lyme and Orford. The total length of the drive stretches to 140 miles long. 


No matter the season, the Connecticut River is a beautiful area. In winter, you will get something different from other seasons. So bundle up and head to the Rinker-Steele Natural Area or the Lower Slade Brook Natural Area to get close to the river. You can also walk along the Ledyard Free Bridge and take neat photos over the river with a snow-covered backdrop.


Winter is still a wonderful time for birdwatching along the Connecticut River. You might spot a bald eagle from Canada nesting along the river for easy fishing. While seeing an eagle is cool, you might also see Canada geese, herring gulls, common goldeneyes, and more.

Experience Winter On The Connecticut River

In winter, the Connecticut River is a wonderful scene to experience firsthand. It’s an easy attraction to see when you are lodging so close to the river at The Norwich Inn. We’ve been in New England for a while—the Norwich Inn’s history dates to 1797, located near Dartmouth College. When you stay with us, we guarantee you will have plenty of things to do and see. Call us today at 802-649-1143 to learn more about our Inn (or check availability online).