Visit King Arthur Baking Company In Vermont

A woman and two children baking like what they could do at King Arthur Baking Company in Vermont.King Arthur Baking Company is still a time-defying marvel and one of the best attractions in Vermont. You’ll learn about Vermont history, maybe take part in a King Arthur Baking Company baking class or dine on a wood-smoked bacon and egg sandwich. The Norwich Inn is the closest hotel to King Arthur Baking’s 14-acre campus, home to the most beloved baking school in the country. Learn more about this gem in Norwich, Vermont.

Plan An Unforgettable Day At King Arthur Baking Company

While the Upper Valley’s natural beauty and neighboring Dartmouth College bring people from everywhere to the region, King Arthur Baking’s multi-purpose complex is a significant draw. Main Street’s Norwich Inn lies one-half mile north of the modern campus. We recommend hopping on a bike and pedaling on a scenic ride to and from King Arthur Baking. The Norwich Inn offers $5 shuttle services each way to the campus.

The 14-acre estate is home to an aromatic cafe, a well-stocked retail store, and a baking school with four classrooms. The outdoor patio is an idyllic place to picnic with a cup of joe and a fresh-baked chocolate croissant by your side. Cafe menu items include the soupe du jour, turkey and chipotle jam sandwich, and wood-smoked bacon and egg sandwich. Don’t forget to return home with a cookbook, baking tool, jar of artisanal jam, or vat of locally-sourced maple syrup.

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Amateur bakers from all over the world are utilizing King Arthur’s Baker’s Hotline to provide aid to those struggling with a new recipe. The folks at King Arthur Baking also offer hundreds of recipes to coincide with the most recent seasonal shifts. They cover it all, from doughnuts and cobblers to shortcakes and popovers.

The Norwich Inn Is The Best Lodging For Bakers

Norwich Inn offers special discounts for those taking classes at this Vermont classic attraction;  King Arthur Baking Company. Please check the times at your earliest convenience. Take some time to read more about the area in our travel guide. We’ve been in the area for a while. The Norwich Inn‘s history dates to 1797, located near Dartmouth College. When you stay with us, we can guarantee that you will have plenty of things to do and see. Call us today at 802-649-1143 to learn more about our inn (or check availability online).