Start Planning A Fall New England Roadtrip Now

Two people in a car on a New England Roadtrip.A simple pleasure during the fall months is getting outside, feeling the cool breeze, and marveling at the fall foliage. If you bring your car, a great place to take it for a spin during fall is in Vermont, specifically the Norwich area. Norwich is based in the Upper Valley in New England, and it’s one of the best times of the year to see the colors change and explore covered bridges, wildlife, and more. Start your fall New England roadtrip at The Norwich Inn. Here is what you should stop and look at when you begin your fall New England roadtrip.

Upper Connecticut River Valley

You can drive 130 miles along the Connecticut River to see most of the Upper Valley. That’s one way of saying you will be on the road for a while, but you will see so much! The main highlight of this drive is the Connecticut River. Because you will drive near the river, you will have many opportunities to stop in small, welcoming towns. You’ll also see your fair share of covered bridges.

Woodstock, Hartland, Lebanon

These are three neighboring cities to Norwich. Driving to all three should take more than an hour, but you will want to stop into some shops, cafes, and parks to get the most out of your drive.

Biking In Norwich And More

Another way to explore the countryside is via a bike. You can rent an e-bike from Vermont Bike & Brew. They offer rentals for Haibike Trekking 5 and the iZip Vida ST 2.0. This is an affordable way to drive through the Upper Valley if you don’t have a car accessible to you. 

Don’t Let The Season Pass You By

Fall is a special season in the New England region, and you will soon realize that to be true when you take this roadtrip from The Norwich Inn. Read more about The Norwich Inn in our travel guide. We’ve been in New England for a while—the Norwich Inn’s history dates to 1797, located near Dartmouth College. When you stay with us, we guarantee you will have plenty of things to do and see. Call us today at 802-649-1143 to learn more about our Inn (or check availability online).